Congress approves the first Climate Change Law in Spain

Rally for the fight against climate change (Photo: NurPhoto via NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The Congress of Deputies approved this Thursday by a majority the draft Law on Climate Change and Energetic Transition, the first regulation in Spain to mitigate global warming.

The law has come forward with 22 votes in favor (PSOE, Unidas Podemos, Ciudadanos, Bildu, Teruel Existe and Ezquerra Republicana), 5 against (Vox) and 10 abstentions (PP and More Country). This rule could come into force this same month of April, given the urgent nature of its processing.

The Ecological Transition Commission and the Demographic Challenge has agreed to process the has been one of the star projects of the Pedro Sánchez government, despite the lack of consensus and the discrepancies that it has raised among parliamentary groups.

Sectarian, with hardly any consensus and whose procedure should have been as a state pact Diego Requena, PP deputy

Proof of this is the number of amendments it has: more than 750. In addition to the climate that has been experienced throughout the session. The deputy of the popular group, Diego Requena, has argued that it is a “sectarian law, with little consensus and whose procedure should have been as a state pact.”

And he added that this is not a measure that Spain needs, but that “it is the law of Minister Teresa Ribera”, whom he has reproached for being a text processed in the middle of the pandemic without “any consideration” towards the health and social crisis.

In the same vein, opinions have been issued from the Vox bench, where they have requested that measures be discarded that “address energy or that transform the landscape of depopulated Spain into large extensions of solar panels and bury fertile lands under thousands of honeycombs or windmills ”, said Pedro Requejo.

For their part, the Socialists have celebrated the approval of this standard and have stated that it is a day & ldq …

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