Confusion and conflict in New York: governor and mayor reject federal order and demand to continue wearing masks

It’s been 14 months with a mask.

Photo: Andrés Correa Guatarasma / Courtesy

Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s refusal to follow federal advice to ease indoor mask use on vaccinated people has led to confusion and conflict among New Yorkers. who no longer know who to listen to, the owners of several businesses complained yesterday.

“Today, my second client came in without a mask. Said he thought it was allowed because the president (Biden) and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) They said it was okay for vaccinated people, “David Plasse, a personal trainer who runs” Plasse Strength & Fitness “in Queens, NYC, told the New York Post. “I explained, actually we’re waiting for Cuomo to make an announcement. I asked her to put on the mask, but she was quite angry. “

The CDC gave green light Thursday for fully vaccinated Americans to go without masks under most circumstances, But Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio, who rarely agree, this time agreed to refuse to sign a similar order, saying they needed to “revise” the new guidelines.

Plasse, who has around 100 clients but can only allow eight at the same time inside the gym due to the COVID-19 capacity limits, he said he wants me Cuomo and de Blasio are on the same page as the federal scientists.

“Customers are sick of wearing masks But, because there has been no official announcement from the governor or mayor, we have yet to implement the regulations. The CDC should be the authority but, unfortunately, the governor has the last word in my situation ”, he lamented.

The unnecessary lack of clarity has also sparked several clashes at NYC restaurants. “Yesterday we had five discussions with clients“Said the owner of the pizzeria, who asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation from the State Liquor Authority.

“It’s ridiculous,” also angered the president of the Queens Chamber of Commerce, Tom Grech. “The left hand must be in sync with what the right hand is doing.”

Nassau County Democratic Executive Laura Curran urged Cuomo to follow the CDC’s recommendation not to wear a mask. “New York State should immediately adopt CDC guidance that those who are fully vaccinated against COVID no longer need to wear masks or physically distance themselves, indoors or outdoors in almost all circumstances. The vaccine works and our residents must return to normal life. “

In the meantime, President Joe Biden was seen happily uncovering his face yesterday. When asked if he was enjoying his first day without a mask, he answered yes to reporters before walking into the lobby of the west wing at the White House.

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