It presents a series of slight aesthetic changes

The GSi version, the most powerful, has 230 horsepower

Opel has published the first information about the restyling of the second generation of the Insignia, its saloon. This slightly renews its aesthetics and promises a new range of engines in which efficiency stands out. It is available from 33,500 euros in the Grand Sport saloon body and from 35,000 euros in the familiar Sports Tourer, although the final amount drops substantially with the brand’s promotions.

He Opel Insignia It is the saloon of the German brand. This is the second generation, and has been in force since 2016. Now it announces its mid-cycle renewal, even on the same platform. It will not be until the next when the first generation is born under the baton of PSA. Meanwhile, its rivals will again be models like the Ford Mondeo, the Mazda 6 or the Peugeot 508.

Opel sells the new Insignia with both saloon bodywork, called Grand sport, as with a family body, called Sports Tourer.


The main aesthetic changes that the Opel Insignia 2020 They are at the front and behind. The front part now has a bumper equipped with a new central air intake that joins the two sides. The latter, by the way, integrate the fog lights. The grill increases its height and stands out more for the presence of a chrome frame. In addition, it is active, since it opens or closes depending on the cooling needs of the engine, which ends up favoring aerodynamics.

Opel Insignia 2020 front optics offer technology IntelliLux led Pixel, and each of them offers up to 84 light-emitting diodes. Regarding the rear area, there are bumpers that slightly modify its design and two exhaust outlets.


Opel it has only revealed some image of the interior of the 2020 badge in its GSi version, which incorporates sports seats as the main attraction. However, the German firm ensures that the quality of the vehicle’s interior has increased. It will offer the possibility of having ergonomic AGR-certified seats with various comfort functions available with various upholstery in fabric and leather, as well as in Alcantara.

The manufacturer has also confirmed that the infotainment system has been updated and is compatible with protocols Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Both the Navi and Navi Pro systems can be installed, with real-time traffic information.


Opel has confirmed for the moment that the new Insignia will have four finishing lines, which are Elegance, Ultimate, GS Line and GSi. The first two give priority to comfort and elegance, while the other two provide a more sporty touch.

The equipment of the Opel Insignia 2020 may include an induction charging surface for Smartphones.

The technological elements confirmed so far are the frontal collision warning with automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection, the lane keeping assistant, the vehicle warning in the blind spot, the adaptive cruise control with emergency braking, the reader of traffic signs, the advanced automatic parking assistant and the Head-Up display.


The mechanical range of Opel Insignia 2020 It is made up of one Diesel and three gasoline options. The first is a 122-horsepower 1.5-liter that, as standard, is associated with a six-speed manual transmission. Among gasoline, the lightest is a 1.4-liter 145-horsepower turbo with a six-speed manual series transmission. Above there are two versions of the same 2.0-liter turbo, one with 200 horses and another, the corresponding to the GSi, with 230 horses. In both cases it is offered as standard with the nine-speed automatic transmission.

The 2.0-liter engines are the first of the brand to feature cylinder deactivation technology.

He Opel Insignia GSi It has an all-wheel drive system with vector torque distribution. In AWD mode two clutches replace the conventional rear differential and deliver just the right amount of power to each wheel. According to the German brand, this makes the saloon gain in agility, offer better cornering performance and better traction.

The most sporty version of the Bavarian saloon offers the electromechanical chassis as standard FlexRideAble to adapt dampers and steering in fractions of a second. In addition, the control unit of the FlexRide system varies the throttle response as well as the moments of change of the automatic transmission. For this there are four driving modes, which are the Standard, the Tour, the Sport and the Competition.


The Opel Insignia 2020 is available in Spain from 33,500 euros in its Grand Sport saloon body and from 35,000 euros in the Sports Tourer family body. The price includes VAT and is prior to the existing promotions of the brand, which can substantially lower the final price.


Date Upgrade 07/28/2020 Prices for Spain confirmed. 01/09/2020 Opel confirms more details of the new Insignia, GSi version included. 12/04/2019 Opel reveals the first information and images of the Insignia 2020.

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