Confirmed! The Honda Civic Type R returns in the next generation

A communication officer of the Japanese firm in the United States has confirmed what we all expected, the new generation of Honda’s compact will once again enjoy its sportier versions, the Civic Si and the Civic Type R.

It has been one of Honda’s communication managers, Carl Pulley, who has confirmed the news, the new generation of the Civic range will once again have its sportier versions on both sides of the Atlantic, the Honda Civic Si and the most radical Honda civic type r.

Both versions will not arrive until the presentation of the Honda Civic Hatchback, as they will only be available with this 5-door body variant. While the future Civic Type R will be marketed on both sides of the Atlantic, we can assume that the Civic Si will not be available on the European market.

Honda Civic Si Coupé, a variant that disappeared in 2020.

The Honda Civic Si was for years the most powerful and sporty variant of the compact range in its most important market, North America, where curiously the Type R version was not marketed until the arrival of this latest version, the Civic Type R FK8 corresponding to the tenth generation of the Civic. The power ceiling of the Si version has been around 200 horsepower in recent years, with 208 hp (205 hp) in the case of the ninth and tenth generations (current), so an updated mechanics with a power figure around those figures will be expected.

For its part, the Civic Type R will once again be the sportiest and most radical variant of the range in the different markets where the Japanese compact is present. This will receive the most radical frame configuration of the model, a new aerodynamic kit and is believed to be an evolution of the current supercharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine, which delivers 320 PS (315 hp) under the front hood of the Type R FK8. This version will arrive somewhat later than the hatchback body itself, so we should not have it at least until 2023

Manual shift

Another detail confirmed by Carl Pulley is that both versions, Civic Si and Civic Type R, They will be available with manual transmission and that this transmission option will be exclusive to the hatchback variant. Which means that no version of the Civic Sedan is going to mount a traditional lever and clutch pedal. A detail that makes us doubt the arrival of the Civic Sedan in Europe, where it is not as successful as the 5-door.

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