Confirmed: the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie will be a reality!

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There are more and more attempts to adapt video games to the big screen. Of the projects that had already been announced, but were in limbo, one that stood out was the Five Nights at Freddy’s film. The work to bring the video game and book series to the cinema began several years ago and due to the delay, fans thought that its cancellation was very possible. However, it was surprisingly confirmed that the project already has a script and will become a reality.

The creator of the series, Scott Cawthon, was in charge of confirming the good news and took the opportunity to share with the fans the proposals for the script that arose in the creative development and that were eventually rejected, some of which were on his own. of great studios, great creatives, employed writers and some more by Cawthon himself.

In case you missed it: The Five Nights at Freddy’s movie began development in 2015.

The filmmakers struggled to find the ideal premise

In total there were 10 prototypes, some scripts were simpler than others and even some, although they had elements of the franchise, felt like something alien, while others were saturated with the lore that could be fulfilled by the fans of the series, but could be confusing to other people, according to its creator. In this election, the script that would be considered for the film was also discussed, but that was ultimately discarded by Cawthon because he believed it was not so good.

Perhaps the strangest proposition was one in which a group of troublesome youngsters would walk into Freedy’s and there was chaos… in the end one of the protagonists ended up in a factory that produced animatronics for the government.

Cawthon gave up on trying to base the film on the Five Nights at Freddy’s books, instead opting to use video game history as a starting point, aside from ensuring that there was a stronger relationship between the protagonist and him. Freddy’s establishment.

Five Nights at Freddy’s movie already has a final script

The bad news that the creator of the series released is that no more scripts will be added to the list, and not because the film has been canceled, but because one of these scripts has already been chosen for production, which will be a reality. and filming will begin next spring.

Cawthon obviously did not share details of the premise of the final script, but mentioned that it “makes sense” as it consists of a “good mix” that has the best parts of the discarded ideas and has the “correct characters, all the correct motivations and all the correct proposals ”that will make it fun, scary and have a great central story.

The film does not yet have a tentative release date or window, but judging by when filming will begin, it will most likely not be ready until 2022. The good news is that it will come true.

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