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Confirmed, smart women look less years And it is one of the best news we could receive, because now we understand why we “eat years” or have you never asked yourself?

Since always, the vast majority of women He has been concerned about his physical appearance and trying to look young as long as possible, thus, several have undergone expensive and painful treatments, others have opted for home remedies, masks, but in itself, youth or at least the jovial aspect, depends on several aspects.

The latest scientific studies in the matter they speak to us of a balance, a set of factors that goes beyond taking care of ourselves, they also speak of feeling good and that could make all the sense in the world.

Research suggests that smart women age slower. It is not a strange pact, it is not the surgeon’s work, but your IQ, let’s see the specific data.

Smart women, young forever according to science

The prestigious scientific organization “The British Psychologist Society“Shared a study where it was found that women higher intelligence (IQ) not only looked like younger age but even, they were characterized by being more optimistic and lively with the passing of the years.

Specialists from various fields participated in the research universities such as Lyon, Florida State University, Bielefeld and Pontpellier. There was a sample of 4494 volunteers and they were analyzed for almost forty years. Decisive factors included his level of education, personality, cognitive abilities, and health status.

Confirmed: Smart women appear less years old. Pexels

It was found that the people (women and men) who developed their intelligence during their youth, they managed to hide the age in old age or advanced adulthood, also even in old age they were willing to live new experiences, thereby improving their neurological health.

Thus, it was concluded that emotional intelligence went hand in hand with physical appearance.

* Consult the study in its entirety here.

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