confirmed increase for AUH and retirees from March

The Ministry of Labor established this Monday that the new retirement mobility index will begin to be officially applied from the first of next March, so the amounts of the benefits of Anses, such as the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) Y retirements and pensions among other.

According to Resolution 3/2021, published this Friday in the Official Gazette, the provisions contained in Law No. 27,609 will be applicable to all pension benefits provided by the Anses, granted by virtue of Law No. 24,241, of national regimes general provisions prior to that rule, of special regimes repealed, or of the former savings banks or provincial and municipal welfare institutions transferred to the Nation.


Anses: augmentation characteristics

Retirements, pensions and family allowances arewill update every three months.
The increases will be applied inMarch, June, September and December.
Anses will prepare and approve thequarterly mobility indexand make its subsequent publication. It is provided that thefirst updateon the basis of mobility will be effective fromMarch 1, 2021.

In addition, Labor approved the regulation of article 24 of Law No. 24,241 (on retirements and pensions) which, among other points, establishes:

Cessation of services is understood as the date on which the right to the benefit is acquired; This is the termination of the employment contract or public employment relationship, or the request for the benefit of all of them, which occurs last.

For the calculation of the Compensatory Benefit (PC), when services in a dependency relationship are computed, you will understand that the 10-year period immediately prior to termination of service, it will be 120 months during which the member has received remuneration. The update of the monthly remunerations will be carried out by multiplying each one of them by the coefficient resulting from the division between the index corresponding to the month of acquisition of the right and that corresponding to the month of the remuneration accrued. When exclusively autonomous services are computed, the reference amounts or income corresponding to the categories in which the member was enrolled will be taken into account, considering the values ​​in force at the time of the cessation of services. In order to establish the maximum amount of the compensatory benefit referred to in article 26 of Law No. 24,241, set the amount equivalent to 0.208 minimum assets, for each year of services with computed contributions. For the purposes of applying the minimum and maximum limits of the tax base for the calculation of contributions and contributions to the Argentine Integrated Social Security System (SIPA), as of the month accrued March 2021, set the amounts equivalent to 0.33680 assets minimum assets as the lower limit and 10.94584 minimum assets as the upper limit.

The Executive Branch clarified that these guidelines will be applicable « in relation to updating the remuneration and / or reference income of SIPA affiliates, to establish the base income and the reference benefit of disability retirements and pensions for the death of an active member to be granted, with adjustment to the period of services with contributions that make up the base income and the reference benefit of the member or the deceased « .