SingerConchitaHe has released his new song titled ‘El viaje’ and although he has just come out it is already one of the most important of his entire career, not only because it is dedicated to his son, but also because it is inspired by his own history.

Although next May 28your son will be two years oldin perfect health, her birth was not easy and the singer has since been revealed in a digital interview in which she reveals that she was in a coma for three days after giving birth, while her son remained in the Intensive Care Unit for 53 days. .

The artist’s pregnancy was complicated when she was diagnosed at six monthspreeclampsia. “It was the first time I heard that word and I think that little is said about it considering that it affects one in twelve pregnant women. Until now I had a more or less normal pregnancy, apart from many vomiting, but that diagnosis It changed everything, “she confesses, so they had to give birth early at seven months gestation:” I met the baby days later because I had to go througha week in the ICU, in addition to being in a coma for three days“, continues revealing.

Her son had to pass53 days in a nursery: “I remember that at first you were upset when the machine where your baby was whistling but in the end you already worried about all of them. A very beautiful energy was created in that room and that room,” recalls Conchita, who confessed how this song came about. : “One night the baby was not asleep I started to tell him what was waiting for him outside, so the next day I thought I would translate that message into a song dedicated to all the struggling children like him.” In addition, the video clip is most special because her son comes out the same as other children who have gone through the same situation and with whom he has coincided during his own experience: “I kept staying with the parents’ contacts and it was nice to reunite them everyone for the images of the song, “explains the singer.

What is preeclampsia?

It is high blood pressure and signs ofliver or kidney damagethat occur in women after the 20th week of pregnancy. Although rare, preeclampsia can also occur in a woman after giving birth to her baby, almost always within 48 hours.

The exact cause of preeclampsia is unknown. It occurs in about 3% to 7% of all pregnancies. The condition is thought to start in theplacenta. Factors that can lead to the development of pre-eclampsia include: Autoimmune disorders, vascular problems, diet, or a genetic issue. The consequences of preeclampsia during pregnancy can be very serious, even causing abortion.