Concert-for-pay platforms represent the new business model in the entertainment world. This is a response to the recession of these shows that Covid-19 has caused since it took a seat in the Dominican Republic last March.

And it is that what began as « lives » (live) on Instagram to cushion the effects of the quarantine a little, was evolving to other alternatives. That is when the concerts arrived on another existing platform, such as YouTube.

The latter with more gear, representing an investment for the artist and the production, and earnings from views on VEVO YouTube channels.

In this way comes the ‘pay per view’ or (pay per view), popularized by cable television in specific channels and programs, and strengthened in recent years by the internet, by giving encouragement to the music industry.

Now, in the Dominican Republic, billboards are beginning to grow and be programmed on payment platforms.

The first in the country was the group Toque Profundo with a show for 500 people through Zoom.

Then the merengue player Ramón Orlando did it through the VivaLive TV platform.

However, as of today there are several payment platforms for concerts in the country, two of them already released.

These are ADN Stream Concerts, created by René Brea, who together with music producer Henry Jiménez and businesswoman Yessely López, which premiered on August 30 with Héctor Acosta and that on October 18 will receive Eddy Herrera, both with tickets to a cost of about 12 dollars (about 700 pesos).

The El Torito concert gathered 23,000 viewers, according to its organizers.

Eddy’s event will be broadcast on the ADN Stream Concerts platform from 8:00 pm on October 18, and his tickets are already being sold through the platform. The second platform is Wachao +, which under a reported cyber attack, offered its first show last Sunday with Omega El Fuerte, with a price of 10 dollars.

An aspect to improve, in addition to its security, is the display of the number of people connected.

Mozart and Kinito

Wachao + already has Mozart La Para on the billboard for September 19, and Kinito Méndez next September 26, at the same cost of $ 10. The production company is the brainchild of Mariano Lantigua (AlJadaqui) and his wife Jennifer Sánchez.

The third and recently announced is Big Show Live, by producer Néstor Caro who will premiere his platform with Colombian Andrés Cepeda at a cost of $ 12, on October 2.

In the same way, 7th Venue joins, from the companies Good Music Only, Fortuna Music and MP Couture, they will premiere with Mark B and Secreto on October 2 with tickets to US 10, plus taxes.

At the local level, a concert by Alejandro Fernández is also promoted. “America a single voice” will be broadcast in the Dominican Republic, on Saturday, October 3, at 9:30 pm, from the Telmex theater in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Although the industry seems to be beginning to recover, these platforms leave out the box office since digital tickets are bought through the same platform, except for the new 7th Venue that will be selling its tickets through Uepa Tickets.

Another producer who has taken the step is Amable Valenzuela with Viva Live TV with costs between 4.50 and 10 US, with no active billboard so far.


LimitingAlthough it is true that this modality, forced by the situation of the pandemic and for which the industry was not prepared, a situation that has been reflected in the same way in other sectors such as education, a limitation and disadvantage that these have is the interaction with the public, since the concerts being recorded days before do not allow closeness or participation. Artistic modality