Concern !, actor Eduardo Yáñez talks about his health

Worry !, actor Eduardo Yáñez talks about his health | Reform

The followers of beloved actor Eduardo Yáñez were extremely concerned after a famous entertainment magazine announced that he allegedly suffers from kidney cancer, before the news, the famous decided to talk about his health.

It was on his official Instagram account that Eduardo Yáñez Luévano 60-year-old decided to speak to his followers and reveal to them what is really happening with his state of health. The protagonist of Destilando Amor flatly denied that he is facing cancer.

The Televisa soap opera heartthrob was forceful with his words and with a short and early video on the famous social network, he pointed out that his kidney problems are a thing of the past and that once again, his operation was a success, so he enjoys in good health and there is nothing to worry about.

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Eduardo Yanez He indicated that the famous magazine normally launches this type of news, but the famous one felt the need to deny everything for the tranquility of his most fervent followers who hope to see him again on television very soon.

The video was recorded by Yánez himself, who was concerned about his appearance but gave a huge smile to the Internet users assuring that there is nothing that they should worry about and he is very well.

To my dear friends and to those who have the opportunity to see this video. Once again with the atrocities of this filthy magazine that is dedicated to making these negative news about us. I feel very well, that of the kidney is already history of the past, once again I came out well from the operation … anyway, I just wanted to make this video to clarify that I am completely in good health and that magazine is lying, said the actor.

The protagonist of True loves He was seen wearing a blue shirt, magnifying glasses and his hair somewhat tousled, just as his followers love to see him; What most captivated was the positivism with which the actor handled the situation.

Yáñez took advantage of the space to thank his doctors and all those who have been concerned about his health, the video was shared just over 30 minutes ago and has exceeded three thousand views on the famous social network.

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Internet users took the opportunity to greet the star of Televisa in your comment box and to send you good wishes and vibes at all times. Many hearts were seen for Eduardo Yáñez.

Today the note of the famous magazine has been viralized in which they assure the strong news that the handsome Mexican actor would be facing kidney cancer. An alleged close friend indicated that it was during the operation to remove the stones in Eduardo Yánez’s kidney that his doctors would notice abnormalities in this organ.

The specialists sent tissue to Pathology, which confirmed that the famous would be facing cancer. The person pointed out that this would be silent, since at no time would the soap opera heartthrob have suspected it.

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According to the magazine, the actor from Distilling love He would be presenting back pain that he related to a fall in 2007, later, to those kidney stones that were removed and this procedure would lead to the diagnosis. They pointed out that receiving the news was very hard for the handsome actor, who would decide to undergo treatment to eradicate the problem.

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The article indicates that Eduardo Yáñez would deny his health condition, since he does not like the idea that they feel sorry for him and he is a fairly strong man; However, this diagnosis would keep him in a strong depression and afraid of leaving very soon.