The video has been created by Avdan. This YouTube channel is specialized in conceptual designs of reimagined operating systems, and you’ve already done some like what Windows XP would look like if it were released today. Now, you have done one of Windows 7 if released in 2020, with some changes typical of Windows 10.

Thus, on the desktop we find the Windows 7 wallpaper with a simpler and modern touch. On the taskbar we have the same large icon design, with the modern icons redesigned by Microsoft this year, plus the search bar and previews.

Button Start Menu It is round like that of Windows 7, and the start menu has a transparent design that is even more reminiscent of Windows Vista than Windows 7, but that leaves out the dynamic icons (Tiles) that we currently see in Windows 10. This transparency It is a bit more advanced than the Aero interface that we began to see in Windows Vista, without being as blurred as in Fluent Design.

Regarding the File Browser, it has a much more modern design than the current one in Windows 10, although with some elements of Windows 7, such as the back and forward buttons. The windows are not only transparent, but they maintain the same close, maximize, and minimize icons. You can also see in the video what the tabs would look like in File Explorer, a highly demanded feature that Microsoft has been working on for more than two years but has not yet implemented.

The Settings menu has an intermediate design between what it is today in Windows 10 and the classic Control Panel, with a similar organization to the first, but with an interface like the second.

Fluency could be much better in Windows 10

The cool gadgets are also included. Announced for the first time in Windows VistaMicrosoft removed them in Windows 8 because they had a multitude of vulnerabilities and security problems. It is a pity that this function was removed from the system and that it was not replaced with something more secure, although luckily we currently have Rainmeter, which improves everything, although it does not have native integration. The notification panel is also present with the quick settings, as well as the desktop and window selector with the Windows button.

One thing that stands out in the whole video is the fluid animations, something that we cannot find in Windows 10 today, where everything is much more “crude” than in other operating systems such as macOS. Overall, the system could be much more dynamic, but Microsoft has too many overlapping elements in it that make it slower than it could be.