Although big companies could get around the economic slowdown, employees of small companies face greater risks

Noting that small and medium businesses are at risk from the pandemic, the Confederation of Industrial Chambers of Mexico (Concamin) He warned that, in total, 1,170,000 companies in the country will suspend operations by the Covid-19 and, although by law they must pay wages, there is uncertainty about how many industries will be able to meet this obligation.

The president of the Concamin, Francisco Cervantes Diaz, He explained in an interview with Aristegui Live, that the greatest concern exists in microenterprises and family industries that they do not have economic flow because they stopped activities due to the emergency decreed by the federal government.

How are you going to do those who have already stopped the flow?, that is the question. Large companies are going to manage in one way or another but we are going to worry about micro-businesses and family businesses, that’s where we have to work with the workers sector hand in hand to find out how we are going to do it, “he said. For example, he explained that the gasoline and restaurant industries are impacted by the stoppage of activities and the obligation to pay wages with a minimum flow of tips for employees.

Meanwhile, he remembered that Mexico is the seventh manufacturing country on an international level.

However, he stressed that the labor sector already resents the lack of economic flow due to the worldwide expansion of the coronavirus.

“At the time that the United States closes its Automotive industry and Mexico is the fourth largest exporter of automobiles, you can imagine right now the employment break in the chains of each sector, the problem is not minor, “he said.

To face this panorama, he announced that the Concamin holds meetings with the labor sector to integrate a protocol that allows them to face the health emergency with the least economic impact.

“We want to have a protocol thinking about April 30 or May 1 and define what we have to do the first, the second, the third week and then, when this is reopened in stages. We are adding to workers sector so that we do it jointly with the government, ”he indicated.

Cervantes Díaz reported that the Concamin participated in the meeting held by businessmen this week with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who told them that development bank loans are anticipated but it will be until next Sunday when he reports on the plan for economic mitigation.

“The President is very focused on micro and family businesses and also on informality. We agree with that part because right now is where it is needed and above all, also to mitigate the security part, we are concerned about many things and we are trying as far as we can to have a damping protocol“He added.

Concamin, he said, will continue establishing communication with the federal government through the Head of the Office of the Presidency, Alfonso Romo, and the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard.