Concachampions: Javier Aguirre warns Rayados not to trust himself vs Atlético Pantoja

The Rayados de Monterrey have concluded their preparation training to face the first leg in the round of the Eighth Final of the Concacaf Champions League, visiting the Athletic Pantoja.

In a press videoconference in Dominican territory, coach Javier Aguirre affirmed that the little knowledge we have of the rival is a wake-up call not to underestimate ourselves and take the game seriously.

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“Mexican teams are favorites but many things can happen, we will try to overcome them. We have a base, but you do not know what you are going to find, it is something unknown, we think they play in one way but we know little or nothing, that lies in the dangerousness of the rival “, expressed.

In addition, the Mexican strategist made it clear that the institution aims to regain the title of the Concacaf Champions League and participate in the Club World Cup.

“The final objective is none other than to win it, it is not easy but today we start and hopefully we enter with the right foot. The players know it and do not need any harangue to motivate themselves,” he explained.

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