Conan O’Brien says goodbye to his nightly show after 28 years on the air – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Intrelíneas

Conan O’Brien ended an entire era by saying goodbye to his Thursday night show on American television.

Conan ended his TBS show after 28 years. His beginnings were on NBC’s ‘Late Night’ as a replacement for David Letterman.

Later he was the owner of ‘The Tonight Show’, a program whose courier was passed to Jay Leno.

With TBS he was not only a presenter but also had the opportunity to make special trips to countries such as Cuba and Armenia.

In the last program of his show Homer Simpson arrived as a guest but became O’Brien’s interviewer, whom he thanked for his time as a writer for The Simpsons.

“You mean the world to me,” said Homer.

Will Ferrell also came to say goodbye to his great friend and joked about recording endings for his other productions.

Another personality who came to unleash the laughter was Jack Black, who confessed that the idea was to present a musical in which he pretended to injure himself, but his wish came true and in rehearsals he sprained an ankle.

To close, Conan O’Brien thanked the TBS production, his family and especially his audience.

“I have dedicated my entire adult life to chasing this strange phantom intersection between smart and stupid. There are many people who believe that the two cannot coexist, but God, I’ll tell you, it’s something I believe in religiously, I think when the smart and the stupid come together… I think it’s the most beautiful thing in the world, ”he said.

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