The agency reported that since the beginning of the health emergency, the Cutzamala System – which supplies the Metropolitan Area – has been operating at its maximum capacity.

The National Water Commission (Conagua) He denied that due to the coronavirus pandemic that a 30% cut in the water supply in Mexico City and the State of Mexico will be applied in the country.

Through a statement, he clarified that the information that has circulated, “lacks sustenance and does not correspond to reality.” “A reduction in flow has not been carried out or is not scheduled,” he said.

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Conagua reported that since the beginning of the health emergency, the Cutzamala System —which supplies the Metropolitan Area— operates at its maximum capacity (approximately 16 thousand liters per second), without interrupting the flow, and it is scheduled to continue operating this way until the end of the contingency.

“As of March 4, there is storage in the Cutzamala System of 568.9 million cubic meters, which maintains it at 72.7% of its capacity. With this, the flow committed to the Mexico City Water System (Sacmex) and the Mexico State Water Commission (CAEM) is guaranteed during the health contingency caused by Covid-19, ”he said.

In the text, it is also specified that both Conagua and Sacmex jointly implemented emerging actions, which included the repair of 13 pumps in the North Immediate Action Plan system to solve failures in the supply systems in order to avoid interruption of service and, conversely, to increase the flow supplied in the northern area by approximately 600 liters per second.

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“Conagua, through the Aguas del Valle de México Basin Organization (OCAVM), will continue with the work necessary to keep the supply of drinking water constant. For this, it has the resources and trained personnel for the immediate repair of pumping equipment that could be affected ”, he concluded.