Conafor calculates the impact by plague of 3,300 trees in the Monarch Butterfly Reserve


The affectation suffered by the core area of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve by pest presence It is very similar to the one recorded in 2011, which was the most critical year historically due to the attack of stem debarking insects in the region, reported the National Forestry Commission (Conafor).

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In an interview with Excelsior, Abel Plascencia, manager of Conafor Forest Health, explained that 10 years ago, the infested volume was 10 thousand cubic meters of wood in an area of ​​63 hectares, which caused the downing of approximately 3,300 Oyamel trees.

“I believe that it will not exceed that historical surface of 2011, it will be similar, but it will not exceed it,” he calculated.

The science teacher revealed that there is currently an inventory of trees infested by the presence of three species of stem debarking insects (Scolytus, Pseudohylesinus and Pityophthorus), in the Soledad and Ocampo ejidos, in the state of Michoacán.

He detailed that in total 21 hectares are affected, which is equivalent to 2,586 cubic meters of wood and around 800 trees, they have more than 40 percent damage to their glass.

He stressed that the review in the Cerro Prieto, El Rosario, Remedios and Santa Ana ejidos, that every year they report the presence of plague, a situation that was aggravated due to the intense drought of 2020 and 2021.

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“Fortunately it has already started to rain, the trend of biological cycle of the insects that are there associated is that it slows down in its acceleration ”, he indicated.

Abel Plascencia added that in approximately two months they will conclude the revision, inventory and total cleaning of the plague forests of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve.

He explained that once all the plague trees are felled, the communities will cut them into pieces, remove the bark, bury the material with debarking insects, take advantage of the remaining wood and carry out the corresponding reforestation.

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