Comunitat de l’Esport presents a complete web portal

04/06/2021 at 4:26 PM CEST

Coinciding with the worldwide celebration of the International Day of Physical Activity and Sports, Sport of the Generalitat and the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation have announced the creation of a new web portal to bring together all the sport of Community of l’Esport. Along with this web tool, the new image of the Comunitat de l’Esport brand has also been presented and the new slogan, which aims to summarize the spirit of this initiative with ‘Sport lives here // l’Esport viu ací’.

The Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, Vicent Marzà, and the project director of the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, Juan Miguel Gómez have presented the novelties Comunitat de l’Esport, in an act at the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, which has been attended by the Valencian federations, a dozen athletes and representatives of sports entities.

The Minister of Sport of the Generalitat, Vicent Marzà, has explained that “ehe joint purpose of the Generalitat and the Foundation is to accompany the sector and be part of this great team that is the sport that is designed and practiced in our territory: events, support for athletes, aid for the activities they organize, carrying out educational programs related to physical activity, the development of modernization and the display of a sports calendar that ranges from grassroots sports to major milestones and competitions. We want everyone to be aware that sport lives here. For this reason today we are taking another step, which we believe is necessary: ​​the activation of a web portal that references Valencian sport and that at the same time is useful for anyone who likes sport and wants to practice it & rdquor ;.

Juan Miguel Gomez has highlighted that “the web is the visible face, but what lies behind is a very large and exciting project of Sports of the Generalitat and the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation. We want it to be a reference for the entire sports ecosystem of the Valencian Community. The federations, clubs, athletes are the true protagonists, it belongs to everyone and we want everyone to join in to make it as big as possible & rdquor ;, and he added: “We have always said that with the Comunitat de l’Esport brand we are not inventing nothing, but we are ordering how much and very good is already being done in the three provinces. We live in a land privileged by the temperature, the sun, the beach, the mountains. We have everything at hand. With this web platform and with this slogan of ‘Sport lives here’ we want to show this and value the work that federations, athletes, clubs and other sports protagonists already do in the Community. We want to help them, that we be stronger together and form a great club: the Club de la Comunitat de l’Esport & rdquor ;.

Web portal

The new website collects and orders everything that is done in the Valencian Community related to sport, following the structure of the collaboration between the two driving entities: Sport of the Generalitat and the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation. This is divided into three great pillars: educational centers, athletes and events. The website contains all the information related to the activities carried out in educational centers, such as the recently celebrated Sports Day. In addition, it will contain an agenda that will include all the sporting events and events held in any of the three provinces.

The new website includes a search engine with all the sports centers in the Valencian Community. Thanks to this map, any user will be able to search, wherever they are, for that facility where they can practice their favorite sport. In addition, it can be filtered by province, sport, etc. for greater utility.

Along with the website, the Comunitat de l’Esport also renews its image. Under the slogan ‘Sport lives here // l’Esport viu ací’ is intended to bring together the entire sports ecosystem of the Region. All sports centers that wish to do so will have a badge, in the form of membership of the Comunitat de l’Esport.