Compensation for car accidents, in real time!

Through a website, an app or even WhatsApp: Línea Directa will be the first insurer to compensate in real time for minor losses, which are 70% of the total.

June 10, 2021 (09:50 CET)

Compensation for car accidents, now in real time!  By app or whatsappCompensation for car accidents, now in real time! By app or whatsapp

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) has reached all sectors, and not just to stay: fundamentally, to make life easier for us. The last example is found today in the insurance market, where one of the leading companies, Direct line, just announced its digitized use to launch a unprecedented valuation and compensation system for damages produced in minor claims.

Thus, becoming the first insurer to bet on this new digital system, Línea Directa ensures that you will be able to make compensation in real time and without human intervention. Taking into account that minor claims represent no less than 70% of the total claims processed by companies today, there is no doubt that the news is relevant.

Hoping that this decision does not affect the number of company employees, Línea Directa confirms that the great beneficiary will be the customer, since now you can choose quick compensation, in a transfer to be applied in a few seconds, to the traditional repair of claims. In this way, time will be saved in procedures that, in general, today take up to two weeks in conventional processes.

This is how new insurance claims are managed in real time.

¿How then can it be requested compensation already in real time? Línea Directa’s new valuation and compensation system may be implemented sending photos with the damage of the vehicle through various digital channels: Web, app of the company or even by Whatsapp. The advantage is that it will always be in real time and at any time of day.

As reported by Línea Directa, The only requirement that the client’s vehicle must have to be able to benefit from this new rapid system “is that the damages derived from the accident cannot, in any case, affect the safety of the vehicle.” With this novelty, the company hopes to manage up to 30 percent of claims without human intervention in 2022. We trust again that it has not affected jobs.

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