As Apple announced in yesterday’s keynote, a few minutes ago the Cupertino company released tvOS 14. This version brings important news to our Apple TV, such as support for multiple users in games, improvements in PiP mode or controls for HomeKit. Let’s take a quick look at what’s new.

Multi-user, Picture in Picture improvements and more options for the Home app, among others

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With tvOS 14 Apple continues to polish the user experience on Apple TV and bring exciting new features. One of the additions, for example, is the game support for multi-user accounts. Now when we change users on our Apple TV, the status of the games we have been playing is also synchronized, so we can take it right where we left it.

Another important improvement is received by the Picture in Picture or Picture in Picture mode. Until now this mode was only available within the TV app, now we can use this mini player while using other apps or we browse the content of the Apple TV. Also now we can play YouTube videos in 4K, something that until now was not possible due to the availability of certain codecs.

Minor options, but many very welcome.

Let’s talk now about devices and accessories. In the case of headphones, such as AirPods, now we can connect two pairs of them to our TV to listen to the content together with another person. Also, if we have AirPods Pro, we can use the spatial audio function. For game controllers, Apple TV now has support for the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 and for the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

With tvOS 14 also come the controls of the Home app. So we can manage our HomeKit devices from the Apple TV Control Center. If we have security cameras we can even view them from the television and if they detect movement we will receive the alert and the preview of the video feed directly on the Apple TV.

By last Among the aerial screensaver options, we can now choose which themes we want to see. We can, for example, deactivate the themes of the seabed or those of the land from space according to our tastes and preferences.

In watchOS 7 we can customize the

As we are waiting for a possible Apple TV renewal before the end of the year Apple continues to add new functions and polish the user experience in tvOS 14. An update that we can now install and enjoy on our televisions from the Apple TV of Fourth generation.

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