Few sectors of the national market have been as affected by the crisis caused by the new coronavirus as the automotive market.

According to a survey by Fenauto (National Federation of Automobile Dealers’ Associations), the last week of March (when quarantine and social isolation gained national scale) represented a 90% drop in dealership sales.

And this is not exclusive to the Brazilian market. In Europe, car sales decreased by more than 76% in April, showing that the sector received a significant blow worldwide.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for concessionaire owners, especially when looking at the work done in Brazil and the results of the countries that are most advanced in the pandemic schedule.

Part of the reasons for cheering up come from the new ways of selling cars that dealerships are currently adopting.
Since it is impossible to serve customers in person, many dealerships are using remote or online sales techniques, with tools such as WhatsApp or Skype, to be able to negotiate with customers.

And the results are showing. This is what the team of Alexandre Jacques, a founding consultant for the Pregão de Guerra method, guarantees, which has revolutionized the way cars are sold in the country.

“It is clear that the quarantine and the crisis of the new coronavirus bring enormous obstacles to the car sales market. Therefore, we adapted our methodology for the moment, combining science with the use of digital tools, and we continue to help companies and people to obtain results. impressive, even in times of crisis “, explains Renata Schweitzer, General Manager of the

To prove that it is possible to face the crisis head-on, the group created the Pregão de Guerra Digital, a pilot project in order to adapt its famous methodology to the digital scenario.

Pregão de Guerra is the largest mass sales action in multimarkets in Brazil. Recognized for the impressive results that help client companies achieve.

To this end, the concessionaire’s team goes through a training period coordinated by the methodology consultants, where all members learn advanced neuro-sales techniques, in addition to achieving the correct mindset for success.

Before the quarantine, the Pregão de Guerra was the number one tool for the concessionaires that wanted to conquer a larger share of the market, grow in sales and increase sales.

“In 127 events held in the country, we generated sales of more than R $ 827 million for our customers. Of these, 107 events were held at dealerships, resulting in 8,104 car sales”, reveals the group manager.

Now, the group has created the Pregão de Guerra Digital with the objective of helping dealerships to get out of the crisis caused by the new coronavirus and, thus, to be able to accelerate the resumption of the old rhythm of sales.

One of the reasons why the group believes that the automotive sector is expected to rekindle soon is the car market in China.
At the height of the coronavirus crisis in the Asian country, its automotive market also plummeted and lost 75% of sales. However, after the situation stabilized in China, the market quickly heated up again.

According to a survey by Ipsos, one of the main gains of the Chinese car market is that the profile of consumers there has changed. Before the outbreak of the new coronavirus in China, only 1/3 of people who did not own a car were considering buying one in the next six months. After the pandemic, the rate increased to 2/3.

“The main factor that fueled this heated demand in China was the fear of using public transport. Buses, trains and subways became fertile vectors of contamination, which led people to buy cars”, explains an expert from the Pregão de Guerra .
Therefore, the perspective is that a similar movement will take place in Brazil.

However, the creators of the methodology believe that it is not enough to just sit and wait for the resumption of sales to come naturally. It is ideal that dealership owners, as well as car salespeople, prepare to be able to reap the rewards of the increased demand that lies ahead.

For this reason, Pregão de Guerra announced the launch of the Sales Pregão de Guerra course, which promises to teach experienced salespeople to have the Pregão de Guerra standard, based on the methodology responsible for billing almost R $ 1 billion in sales to their customers.

Car salespeople who take the course will learn all the neuro-sales techniques used by the Auction, in addition to understanding how the consumer’s mind works, the processes behind their purchase decisions and how to prepare to close more sales.

As for the dealership owners who want to prepare their team for the automotive market to re-accelerate, the group has the Digital Warfare Auction.

The pilot event took place with a recurring customer of the group and involved online and face-to-face sales work, following all hygiene and care rules that the moment requires. The training proposed by Pregão de Guerra with the concessionaire team was online, with on-site monitoring to guarantee results.

Thus, Pregão de Guerra Digital sold 81 cars on the pre-event days and then another 73 cars on the days of the event. In total, 154 cars were sold by the dealership in 12 days, even at the height of the new coronavirus crisis.

“Our goal is to offer all possible tools to help dealers to warm up the market as much as possible to get out of this crisis. With well-organized work and a lot of dedication, it is possible to resume the pace of sales and close spectacular deals”, concludes the specialist.

Website: https://pregaodeguerra.com.br/

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