Community Managers: Common Mistakes That Should No Longer Be Made in 2021

2020 was characterized as a year where social networks were crucial for all brands. And it makes sense, considering the digitization of consumer habits. At the same time, it is a trend that will continue in the year that is just beginning. In this sense, Community Managers will not cease to be relevant to the companies’ strategy. And in that sense, common mistakes will have to be avoided so as not to ruin business results:

Community Managers should not take anything personally

Brand communities are often not always a perfect group of civilized people. On the contrary, most of the time there will always be those who decide to do what they can to hurt, insult and despair whoever is on the other side of the computer. Social media experts need to remember that they are company representatives first and foremost. As such they cannot let those comments elicit impulsive responses.

Not being consistent in serving the community

This is one of the most common mistakes, but also the most serious, that Community Managers make. The social networks of a company need a certain periodicity. Not just in the way content is published. People also get used to receiving company attention at certain intervals of time. In this sense, it is crucial that the team that is managing these channels knows how to distribute tasks and times of the day well to be present.

Stop paying attention as Community Managers

The job of these social media specialists is basically to build and nurture great communities for brands. This means always being attentive to how the conversation between the public evolves. When these specialists become unattentive to their tasks, it can result in a preventable problem that gets out of control. Or, in a failure in the attention that contributes to deteriorate the image of the company before the public in general.

Of course, on the road to 2021, not only will it be enough that the leaders of the companies’ networks know what mistakes to avoid. They must also know strategies, trends, and the tools they will need to be successful throughout the year. That is what events such as the Community Managers Summit 2021 are for. In this digital summit, specialists from all over Mexico will be able to be in contact with major brands and experts to discover what’s next for the year.

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