The communicator Luz García has been characterized for being one of the most exclusive figures on Dominican television in her “Noche de Luz” space; However, there was a moment in his career that no matter how much he thought about it, he could not exclusively interview the “Diva of the Bronx”, Jennifer López, because the “riders” amounted to 70 thousand dollars.

In statements to the “Open Lens” space that Richard Hernández leads, Luz told the details of how the moment was, and that in just three days she already had half the required money.

“The one that came to me with a very high figure, I never did. Once an offer came to me from an exclusive where many people criticized me, well the sponsors did not applaud me for letting it go, because it is absurd; It was not that the artist charged that, but the riders for two interviews in Latin America with Jennifer López amounted to 70 thousand dollars, “confessed the communicator.

In this sense, García said that he lasted four or five days without sleeping and calculating, and despite the fact that in three days he already had half the money, that is, 35 thousand dollars. “I kept thinking, and I still didn’t sleep and I said to myself: the amount is an apartment and I would not be in control of the interview.”

He expressed that there were several requirements that he had to do to achieve the conversation with JLO he was, in addition to hiring the work team, the first thing he did was buy air tickets that later served him to go find a dress for some Sovereign Awards. He believes that you cannot disrespect money, especially in a country like this with so many needs.

The presenter of “Noche de Luz”, made it clear that when she paid for an interview with an artist, it was a very “negligible” figure, compared to the sum of what they asked for by Jennifer López. And although it has, it has been covered by a sponsor.

The communicator said that for her one of the “dream interviews” was the one she did last year to the Dominican singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra. “Having the opportunity to have this great Dominican artist for an entire hour of the program was a dream come true.”

Similarly, he recalled that the separate interviews with Mozart La Para and Dalisa Alegría, in the middle of last year, caused a milestone, to the point that even enmity brought him. For sure, he says he does not know, but he supposes it, although when Mozart and Alexandra happened, he sympathized with the two.

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