COMMUNICATION: EstoesPosdata pronounces on the death of its singer, “Pollo” Ujueta

June 8, 2021 June 8, 2021


Friends of the media, We are in the necessity, after seeing how some portals have misrepresented the information Regarding what happened with the member of estoeSPosdata, Manuel “Pollo” Ujueta, to clarify the facts and, above all, ask for respect for the families of all those affected.

Last Friday, June 4, between 7:00 and 8:00 pm, “Pollo” and his girlfriend, Valeria Chiariello, had just picked up Carlos, the singer’s brother, at the Miami airport. As they were traveling on the Northwest 95th Street Freeway in Hialeah Gardens, heading south, a black Chevy, going north (opposite direction) crossed the median (Isla) and struck head-on the silver Nissan driven by Manuel Ujueta.

Florida Highway Patrol agents and Miami-Dade Fire personnel responded to the Okeechobee Road area between Northwest 87th and 95th Avenues on Friday just after 7 p.m. According to FHP, “a man traveling northbound in a Chevy, for reasons unknown, crossed into the opposite direction (south) of Okeechobee Road and collided head-on with a Nissan sedan”.

As reported by the Florida Highway Patrol, both the Venezuelan artist and his girlfriend died on the spot. For his part, Carlos Ujueta, dark-haired of the also composer, was taken by helicopter to Jackson Memorial Hospital in critical condition. On Saturday, June 5, he underwent surgery and, as of today, June 7, continues under observation in delicate conditions.

We want to make it clear that Manuel “Pollo” Ujueta (24) DID NOT HAVE ANY KIND OF RESPONSIBILITY REGARDING WHAT HAPPENED, and that unfortunately he ended his life and that of Valeria Chiariello (23).

From the family of estoeSPosdata we want, again, to request respect and consideration with the family and friends of Manuel and Valeria at the time of issuing any type of information regarding this matter so painful for all of us. Similarly, We invite you to join in a chain of prayer for the speedy recovery of Carlos Ujueta, who is the only survivor of this terrible traffic accident.

We want to make it clear that this will be the only information we will giveWell, as a team we are quite shocked and affected by the death of who, for more than five years, made a perfect pair with Salo as this isSPosdata.

Without more to add, eteam thisS

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