Communicate to your brand with this online course in storytelling

An element that we cannot lose sight of today is the ability of brands to be able to communicate correctly through storytelling.

Given the current scenario, an aspect that draws attention is the one that reminds us of how important digital interaction becomes.

Social networks have become key means of storytelling, especially when they are important references, to make stories stand out to the consumer.

Brands starring in narratives have become excellent references in the identification of patterns, which are increasingly notable, especially when it comes to a good storytelling tactic.

That said, an element of great help is the one that has to do with the way in which brands are identifying with the consumer and the result does not disappoint.

Faced with these scenarios, creativity is patented as an indispensable means to make a brand stand out and, most importantly, to ensure that it continues to be a benchmark for the consumer.

As is to be expected in these efforts, brands do not disappoint and have become increasingly daring practices, proving that tactics are everything to achieve flattering results.

For you to reach this level of performance, the Management Program – Storytelling 2020 is the best platform you have, so that this December 16 and 17, where you will have all the tools to connect with your customers with communication.

What will you learn in it Management Program – Storytelling 2020.

Within this complete online course that will be taught on December 16 and 17, you will know how to design close connections with customers, to market products and elevate your brand.

The objectives of the course are clear:

Have a dynamic vision of the role that stories have in your competitive framework.

Generate purchase desire on the part of consumers.

Reflect the value of your brand with a story.

You will have tools to structure a story.

Tell stories of impact

Lead your creative team

Determine the correct budget

Program agenda:

What do we understand by storytelling?

Because stories convince us more than data?

How to use the tools of the narrative?

Audience Who will listen to you?

How to prepare stories that catch us? What do you want to tell?

Essential elements that the storytelling of a brand must have

How to create emotional storytelling? How to capture attention?

How to get more clients?

How much budget should I allocate to my strategy?

Data Storytelling: The critical point between analytics and the brand.

The future of narrative

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