Commotion in Mexico: the missing family’s daughter appeared alive on her vacation

Concern in Jalisco.

Photo: Government of Jalisco / Courtesy

A minor of a year and a half reported missing along with her family was found alive and in good health in the Mexican state of Jalisco, western Mexico, reported this Thursday the People Search Commission.

The minor, who disappeared on March 24 when he was traveling with his family from Mexico City to Jalisco, It was located in the municipality of La Barca and given to one of her grandparents.

The Commission pointed out that the finding was the result of a search in various parts of the state, although, according to versions, the minor was abandoned on a property in the aforementioned municipality and carried a paper with a message and her grandfather’s cell phone number.

The Barca is about 100 kilometers by road from the municipality of Acatic, place where the family of 5 members disappeared 15 days ago, after a vacation in the Mexican capital, and where the state authorities have focused the search.

The minor, by name Julia Isabella, disappeared along with his parents, Jimena Romo, 25, and Julio Alberto Villaseñor, 35, as well as Virginia Villaseñor, his father’s sister, and her son, Iker, 9, after entering the state and when they were traveling near Acatic.

After his disappearance, relatives attended the March 25 to the Special Prosecutor for Missing Persons to file a complaint after they lost contact with them when they returned from the country’s capital.

As part of the investigation, the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office carried out a search operation last Friday in the municipalities of Tepatitlán de Morelos, Acatic, San Miguel el Alto and Jalostotitlán, to obtain test data and locate the family.

Later, last Monday, the State Prosecutor’s Office reported that it obtained data that made it possible to establish “the possible relationship of some elements of the Acatic Police Station in the disappearance of five members of a family, for which seven uniformed men have already been detained “.

The institution explained that the investigating agents had been working for a few days in the municipality, where they collected the evidence that revealed “the possible participation of municipal police officers, for which 8 arrest warrants were requested from the judge, 7 of which they have already been completed ”.

The Prosecutor’s Office indicated that in the search they work together with the Mexican Army and that in total some 200 operative agents are in the case.

The Mexican Government reported this Thursday of an accumulated 85,006 reports of missing persons from 2006 to date, with more than half, 44,174, registered since Andrés Manuel López Obrador assumed the Presidency, in December 2018.

Precisely, the western state of Jalisco occupies the first place when accumulating one of every 5 disappearances, that is, the 20% from December 2018.

The entity, which is home to the Guadalajara metropolitan area, is the headquarters of the Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel (CJNG), considered the most powerful criminal group in Mexico.

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