Common marketing mistakes that cost you a lot of money

According to Web FX, seven out of 10 SMEs say that they design their marketing processes by researching search engines

For eight out of 19 businesses in this category, the best way to advertise and get customers is through paid ads

Other common digital marketing strategies among these economic units are social media, video, and email.

This 2020 has been a particularly tough year for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Mexico and the rest of the world. Many are facing financial challenges that force them to save in all possible parts of their business. Many also failed to improve their sales within Mexico, even with the reopening of the national economy. And on top of that, the issue of digital transformation must be added to be able to survive the new challenges.

Part of the digitization of SMEs is deeply related to marketing. In data from The Week, online strategies have been positioned as some of the most important in order to survive the pandemic. However, for many of these units, it is the first time that these techniques have been approached. In this sense, it is inevitable that they make some of the costly mistakes that Convierta points out are common in these cases:

SMEs are not clear about the results

There are small companies that are aware that they must watch their budget and investment in digital marketing. But they don’t keep a close eye on how their strategies translate to sales or prospects. It is important to have clarity on both factors. Otherwise, not only can you not calculate the return on investment (ROI) of your digital projects. It will also be impossible to define which elements are working and which need to be improved.

Customers cannot find the products and services

It is important for SMEs to remember that even if visits matter, they are useless if they do not turn into sales. In this sense, it is important that people who enter in search of a product or service can find just what they are looking for. If not, you don’t just lose a potential customer. Those ads that lead to generic pages with brand data can also lead to developing a less positive image of the brand in the future.

Related Notes

There is no clear monitoring strategy in SMEs

Many small businesses are relatively successful building databases of potential customers. However, many fail to monetize this information quickly enough. When a person leaves their details to a company to receive more information about a particular service or product, they are not willing to wait long. Thus, it is crucial that the response takes place in a matter of minutes, not a couple of days or even weeks.

Standardized sales processes are lacking

There are SMEs that have very talented teams to follow up on calls with potential clients. However, they cannot be allowed to just use their instincts to make a sale. It is important to have a common workflow for the entire company. In this way, the possibility of errors and omissions that may affect the audience experience is reduced. It also helps provide similar care to the entire public, no matter what.

SMEs skip staff evaluation processes

There is nothing wrong with trusting the talent of the company, on the contrary. It is a very good practice for long-term growth. But that does not mean that there cannot be a performance evaluation and rating system. Without these initiatives, not only is it much more difficult to identify good practices that other team members should try to match. At the same time, it is almost impossible to identify mistakes that could be costing the brand customers.

There is no follow-up process for every sale

Again, the best way to deliver a brilliant customer experience is through a series of standardized systems that reduce the incidence of omissions. This includes not just the initial contact with the audience. It should also be applied when monitoring the status of a sale. If the operators or executives of SMEs do not have a clear record of the status of an operation, nor are there a clear set of rules, they can miss a sale.