Red Bull has protested this Sunday after new images appeared

Commissioners conclude that Hamilton saw a yellow panel and did not raise

The commissioners of the 2020 Austrian F1 GP have imposed a three-position sanction on Lewis Hamilton, after reviewing new visual tests that confirm that the Briton did not slow down this Saturday when a yellow flag was found in Q3.

Hamilton then falls to fifth on the grid. Max Verstappen will start second and Lando Norris will start third, with Alexander Albon fourth.

It happened when Valtteri Bottas went off track on his second attempt of the last qualifying. The Finn hiked the loophole and the stewards waved the yellow flag, but Hamilton didn’t raise his foot.

The commissioners already analyzed this episode on Saturday afternoon, when they concluded that “the video confirms that there were yellow flags and green panels at the same time, ergo they are contradictory signals for the pilot. Considering this situation, the commissioners choose not to take further measures ”

But since then new incriminating images have appeared and Red Bull has filed an appeal. The commissioners have called a member of the Mercedes team to testify and have changed their minds.

“After reviewing the decision made after qualifying, the stewards admit that the on-board image of car 44 is further evidence that had not been available during Saturday’s investigation. They have therefore reviewed the case.”

“The stewards have listened to the driver of car 44 and a representative of his team, and have reviewed the new video image and its telemetry.”

“The new video clearly shows that, at Turn 5, the pilot had a yellow panel on his left. There was a green panel at the end of Commissioner Point number 9. Considering these facts, the Commissioners change their verdict and impose their penalty.” .

And the penalty is three positions on the starting grid of the Austrian GP and two penalty points on the card.

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