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This week, CD Projekt RED embittered the day of many by announcing that Cyberpunk 2077, its highly anticipated RPG, will suffer another delay. Fortunately, the company not only has bad news to share these days, since it has already confirmed that there will be a series of comics based on the world of its RPG.

According to the official announcement, the RPG’s official comic will be called Cyberpunk 2077: Trauma Team and will be a publication responsibility of the Dark Horse Comics publisher. Culle Bunn as a writer is on the team behind Trauma Team; Miguel Valderrama as artist and Jason Wordie as the person in charge of coloring their pages.

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But what can we expect from the Trauma Team? What we know is that we will follow Nadia, an emergency medical technician assistant who works for Trauma Team International. One day, Nadia turns out to be the only survivor on a work mission that ends in a shooting and despite that she decides to continue collaborating for the company. This decision seems to be the wrong one, as more complicated and dangerous missions begin to appear every day.

Next, we present the first cover of Cyberpunk 2077: Trauma Team, which is the responsibility of Miguel Valderrama:

The first issue of Trauma Team will arrive on September 9, 2020. Please note that it will arrive in a 32-page FC format. Everyone who is interested in it will have the opportunity to buy it in exchange for $ 3.99 USD.

And you, are you interested in that comic? Do you think it is a good way to learn more about the world of Cyberpunk 2077 before its launch? Tell us in the comments.

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Cyberpunk 2077 will premiere on November 19 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Follow this link to see more news related to the expected CD Projekt RED project.