Comedian Alberto Flores reveals the great pain of his life, he was only six years old | Instagram

Alberto Flores, comedian and best known for his character « Pacifier« reveals the traumatic experience he lived with abandonment from his mother to his barely six years old.

Through a talk, the popular clown He opened his heart and detailed what has been one of the experiences that have generated the most trauma at such a young age.

While the absence maternal is something very difficult to bear, for flowers It was not easy after being abandoned by his own mother when he was just six years old.

It was during a chat with the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante where the comedian reveals what that difficult trial meant to him at such a young age and how he managed to forgive in order to continue.

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Fortunately for Alberto, He was not left in total solitude since his mother abandoned him with his older brother.

Apparently his family He suffered a great economic loss, reason that his parents found to separate him from the family.

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The former driver of Televisa revealed in the interview of the program « El Minuto que Cambio mi Vida » that they faced a severe economic crisis after their father, who was a bettor, lost everything, so when he was younger than six brothers they sent him to live with a son of Alberto’s mother.

He lived for two years in a building in Colonia Roma where his brother was a goalkeeper, « it was very painful, » he said.

The economy was not so good, and well I was the sixth child. They send me to live with a half brother, son of Alberto’s mother, they send him to live there for two years, in Colonia Roma, I lived for about 2 years, « said Alberto.

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Likewise, he details that he only saw his mother during 30 minutes twice a week since she worked a lot and could not stay longer, it was very difficult and for him at that time more since he felt relegated of his family and although he loved his brother very much and lived happily without deficiencies, he revealed:

My mom went to that building, my brother was the doorman, so my mom was going to do the cleaning, she went twice a week and what I could see was around half an hour or what I could, because because she had to work, « said the comedian.

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Even in a moment, Alberto revealed to the driver that for a time he felt a lot resentment They sacrificed to his father because he considered his vices, instead of his father looking for another way to stay together.

There was a lot of rancor, a lot of resentment with Alberto’s father, because I said: ‘Why would I be the sacrifice?’, But I learned after a long time not to judge my parents and I learned to love them as they loved me. In his way, I felt that my mom and dad loved me very much, in their own way but he loved me, « she confessed.

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The only way to be able to forgive them, he pointed out, was to try to understand the dilemma that they went through at that moment, only in this way could they achieve « forgive them from the heart « , he pointed out and later for the time that they could later spend together.

Thank God I was able to heal my heart, my life, because people do not realize how much it can affect the removal of a child from the family center, they do not realize. With God, God is definitely the fundamental part of the life of ‘Chuponcito’ and Alberto, so I forgave, « he concluded.