Come La Alegría, El Capi responds with everything to Galilea Montijo

Come La Alegría, El Capi responds with everything to Galilea Montijo | Instagram

Without mincing words!. With mastery it was that Venga La Alegría responded to the accusations of Galilea Montijo about what they copy to the Hoy Program.

Obviously in response to what Martha Galilea Montijo said, The Cap She took advantage of her participation as Margarita Mackenzie, director of Human Resources for TV Azteca to respond to the competition.

The television host in his character assured his audience that every day more people watch Come the joy, since their competition makes it worse and they, better.

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Welcome. My name is Margarita McKenzie, in charge of Human Resources; is that a new audience is coming to “Venga La Alegría”, every day a new audience is arriving. The more downcast they do the opposite program (referring to TODAY) the more they get here; The better we do it, then new ones are arriving, so welcome, to the Venga La Alegría family, I am Margarita McKenzie, said the actor and host.

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El Capi’s direct comment comes a day after Galilea Montijo made headlines for claiming that Venga La Alegría copied them. The topic came out when they presented the auditions for the new reality show Los Chiquillos en Hoy.

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Montijo’s claim comes after the morning TV Azteca will try to obtain a larger audience using the reality show method, just after Hoy had enormous success with Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy.

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Currently, with this formula, VLA has obtained a higher rating when carrying out the reality show “I want to sing”, where its hosts and guest stars participate in the style of La Academia.

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