The woman kept hitting her neighbor’s car with the hammer, which also threatened him

By: Azteca News

CALIFORNIA, USA – In social networks circulates a video in which a North American woman which unfortunately brought out his vision racist against your home neighbor Mexican, because it assault with hammers in a neighborhood of California.

Since the death of African-American George Floyd, who died during an arrest by police in Minneapolis, much of the American citizenry has demonstrated to completely stop the racism that exists in United States.

However, other cases have also been revealed in which there is a certain racism against both people of color and Hispanics, who migrate to this country in search of more life opportunities.

A few days ago the case of a lady was revealed racist identified as Susan, who assaulted her mexican neighbor. Both live in the residential area of ​​Chatsworth, located in Los Angeles, Califronia, but it seems that it is not to the lady’s liking, since she violently asked her neighbor Edy Pérez to return to their country of origin.

Edy recorded the moment when her neighbor left her house with two hammers to start hitting his car, while he asks her to leave him alone.

Susan doesn’t listen to him and continues to damage her neighbor’s car, while also telling her to leave the neighborhood and return to Mexico.

« Get out of this neighborhood. Go back to Mexico! »

Also, another lady appears and asks the first one to stop being racist if you don’t want to have more problems. According to local media in that country, Susan was arrested for racism and attempting against the life of her neighbor, although the next day she was released from prison after paying a low-price bail.

For his part, Edy Pérez shared his story on GoFoundMe, with the aim of asking for help and being able to pay for the damages that his vehicle had had, since the insurance did not cover the entire cost of the repair.