Recording in the studio with his father for his most recent album, “Made in Mexico”, was a return to his roots for Alejandro Fernández. 28 years had passed since his first and only duet with Don Vicente Fernández, and he had not recorded mariachi music for about 15 years.

« I lied », The most recent single from their album, arrives this Friday just in time for Father’s Day celebration, with a respective video in animated format due to restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

« I hadn’t realized how long it had been since I had stopped singing Mexican music, » Fernandez said Thursday in an interview with The Associated Press by video call from his studio.

« I realized that it was fair and necessary … I think I could not do it in the best way that I could go back to hand doing a duet with my father, » he added.

For Fernández, mariachi leads to the moment of “most ecstasy at concerts” and traditional Mexican music knows better over the years, especially the themes of heartbreak like “Mentí”.

« They are songs where you scoff a lot at yourself, make fun of the horns they put on you or if you put them on, ”he said. « You need to have your experiences, you need to have broken your heart, you become addicted to the wound and the lemon, when it burns you but you like it. »

« Mentí », composed by Oliver Ochoa, talks about a love that he can no longer from the perspective of a man who sees it impossible to be friends with his ex and is too proud to accept that he wants to see her again.

In his life, Fernández has a different approach.

« I have a very good relationship with all my exes, » he said smiling. « Is better ».

Vicente himself chose her from among the rest of the songs from “Hecho en México”, when Fernández presented the tracks of the album to him on impulse during a visit to Guadalajara, where his father lives, because he had not originally considered doing a duet for the album.

« I told him that only at the beginning of my career had he made me a duet and we realized that we had not recorded any more duet songs in the studio, » said Fernández referring to « What a Boy Question », included on his 1992 debut album.

In the animated video, directed by the Mexican Pico, father and son have an adventure in a kind of comic. « It was made as an animation for the cowboy magazines, » said Fernández. « We were very funny. »

Making the animated video was the best option under the circumstances, without neglecting the horses, charro suits and typical Mexican locations that they usually occupy for their filming.

« Making a video with the production, as the public is used to … was complicated, it was exposing my dad a lot, » explained Fernández, who recognized that the COVID-19 is something he has respect for.

“Personally, I know a lot of people who have gone through this problem and who have seen it quite badly and that is the problem. A lot of people say ‘they are locking us up for a grip,’ but it is not a grip, ‘he said. « The truth is I’m pretty scared and I’m taking great care of myself and praying to God that soon a vaccine will come out, because it will be the only solution. »

In Mexico, where the risk of contagion remains high and the epidemic has not yet begun to subside, the government proposed that Father’s Day, which is celebrated this Sunday, be run for August in an attempt to avoid the crowds seen in the Mother’s Day.

Whether in person or remotely, Fernández asked fans to follow the same sanitary recommendations to avoid contagion.

« We continue in total care, we do not go out, we do not expose ourselves, we do not see anyone, we are locked up »

« We understand and know that these are special days that we want to be (together) and we want to embrace, but there will be moments, » added the singer. « Hopefully soon. »