Combining two different coronavirus vaccines increases side effects

A toilet with an AstraZeneca vaccine. (Photo: GABRIEL BOUYS / AFP via Getty Images)

The first results of a study in which they combine different vaccines against the coronavirus between the first and the second dose show that the side effects multiply. However, these reactions are mild to moderate and of short duration.

The debate on mixing vaccines after thrombosis was not yet on the table when a team led by experts from the University of Oxford launched the Com-Cov trial earlier this year. The main objective was to check whether administering different inoculates between doses affected, for better or for worse, the generation of antibodies.

Preliminary findings, released by The Lancet magazine, suggest that alternating doses increases the so-called reactogenicity. This term refers to the common adverse reactions expected from a vaccine, such as fever, muscle or joint pain, generalized fatigue, or pain in the arm at the site of the puncture.

Thus, the research reveals that when an interval of four weeks is left between the doses, applying the mixing schedules (Pfizer, followed by AstraZeneca and AstraZeneca, followed by Pfizer) generated more mild or moderate reactions after the second dose than between what they were jabbed with one of them both times.

Of course, any adverse effects derived from the mixture were short-lived and clarify that no other safety-related concerns were detected.

Increase in absences from work

“Although this is a minor part of what we are trying to explore through these studies, it is important that we inform people about these data, especially as several countries are considering using these mixed dose schedules,” says Associate Professor Matthew Snape of pediatrics and vaccines at the University of Oxford, and chief investigator of the aforementioned trial …

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