Columbus to pay US $ 10 million to family of murdered African-American

15 minutes. The City Council of Columbus, the capital of Ohio (USA), reached an agreement this Friday with the family of the African American Andre Hill, shot dead by a white policeman, to pay the payment of 10 million dollars as compensation.

Now-former agent Adam Coy shot Hill, 47, on December 22 after coming in response to a call from a neighbor complaining about the noise of a car engine that kept starting and stopping in succession.

Body camera footage Coy wore that day showed Hill was trying to get out of a garage and had one hand busy with a mobile phone.

According to that recording, Coy shot the man four times.

The autopsy revealed that Hill was hit by one bullet in the chest and three in the leg.

Coy, who was expelled from the police shortly after and is charged with murder, pleaded not guilty and claimed that Hill was holding a firearm when he shot him.

Step in the right direction

Columbus City Council attorney Zach Klein said local authorities understand that no amount of money will bring Hill to life.

“But we believe that (paying compensation) is an important and necessary step in the right direction,” Klein said.

The City Council will also change the name of the Brentnell Community Center sports hall in Columbus to Hill.

In recent months, the United States has been the scene of protests and race riots due to police violence against African Americans.

The most notorious was the case of George Floyd, who was killed by a white cop in Minneapolis last May. His passing triggered the largest wave of racial protests since the death of Martin Luther King in the late 1960s.

Former agent Derek Chauvin was found guilty in April by a jury of Floyd’s murder and is now awaiting sentencing.

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