Colorful garment highlights Galilea Montijo’s legs. And Andrea?

Colorful garment highlights Galilea Montijo’s legs. And Andrea? | Instagram

A colorful dress brought out the most prominent attribute of the presenter Galilea Montijo, her legs would take all the merit, overshadowing those of her collaborator, who reappeared on social networks with a short and tight shorts, it was an artistic photo of Andrea Legarreta where he tried to highlight one of his charms.

Nevertheless, Galilea Montijo She always finds a way to stand out and it was on this occasion that she scored a ten after appearing in a very short and striking dress as she usually wears them, however, the main protagonists of her outfit were once again her beautiful legs, in addition to launch a strong message “Bye bitter”.

The “Today’s driver“It has become as popular as the broadcast for several years, it was so recently that it dazzled like a” disco ball “in one of the past broadcasts where it wore a garment that was a complete visual effect.

Colorful and bright, Martha Galilea Montijo Torres is a fan of everything glitter in fashion is all about and a clear example was one of her most colorful garments with colored lines and a great message on the front “More Glitter, Less Bitter “, on this occasion, although it was not such a tight outfit if it was shorter, so her legs competed to take all the prominence.

# MásBRILLOmenosAMARGURA, bye Bitter people What if the photo! What if cellulite! What if you look fat! What if you close your legs! What if you can’t! What if … what if ….. Here only good vibes … They do not accept bitter, it was read in the message that the garment carried.

The beautiful native of Guadalajara complemented her outfit with pointy shoes in a short pink color, which gave greater definition to her slender legs, which led to various compliments and compliments from the loyal fans of the “cheerleader.”

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The former collaborator of various television variety shows gave a long pass to the criticism to which she is not exempt as a member of the Las Estrellas program. It was some of his loyal 8.9 million fans who gave him their full support after the brake that “La Montijo” launched on their social networks.

Fat woman? Anyway, what you are is ricotta, I would like so much skinny soda who is out there having such a pair of legs, reads one of the comments.

The truth! What if they put defects on you with such beauty .. What will become of us who are not so lucky .. New Jersey

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Hello..cntdo respect …. how beautiful and beautiful … masizo greetings from the paradisiac and beautiful port of San Blas nayarit … masizo.

It is not the first time that the consecrated faces of the morning, Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta fight to show that they are one of the most beautiful women in the broadcast, although very close to them, their partner, the beautiful Marysol González, steals a bit of their attention. .

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Likewise, it has been the same animator who on several occasions has opened the door to her followers on YouTube, to whom she has shown part of her intimacy by revealing one of her favorite corners, her wardrobe worthy of a movie star .

When you no longer occupy your xfis clothes give them to me, pointed out one of the comments of his followers.

In the midst of what she has shared, it is appreciated that she is a true fan of fashion and a worthy bearer of the glitters which were present in many of her garments, which she also knows how to take advantage of by making use of all her charms.

It is the short dresses and short garments that also have a special place in the driver’s wardrobe and it is that the endearing presenter of “Little Giants” knows what best enhances all her attractiveness, and her legs are one of the areas that mostly left in view.

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What leads her to triumph over many figures and is the wife of Erik Rubín, one of those who has taken second place before the popular style of the “former Tv girl”.