Colombia vs Argentina Qualifying Qatar 2022 forwards duel. | Colombia selection

Colombia vs Argentina turn on all the alarms, the expectation of journalists and fans will be set in the Metropolitan this Tuesday. What tomorrow’s duel represents for both of them is a step closer to Qatar, on the side of the albiceleste, which with the victory will climb to the top of the Qualifiers, while, in the tricolor, it is a blow over the table to cut path and put pressure.

On paper, both clubs have great stars, beyond Messi, the man by man of each team leaves endless analysis. On the attack front, there is a peculiarity. Their reference players in the attack, the so-called ‘nine’ arrive at a great moment. In addition, both arrive with an Italian stamp.

This is the case of Duván Zapata and Lautaro Martínez, not only because of their nicknames, which reflect the physical and technical power that both possess, but because of the excellent moment in which they arrive. Both were figures in Serie A, with Atalanta and Inter Milan, respectively. Scorers’ duel, in which both defensive zones must enter to establish their respective jobs to stop them.

Starting with the local, Duván Zapata is Rueda’s attacking reference, despite having a tactical task in the duel against Peru, he will surely start as a first baseman. In the season with Atalanta, he registered a total of 15 goals in Serie A, for a total of 19 goals in all competitions.

It is not only the potential scorer, but the mobility with his teammates in attack, he has shown it in Atalanta and together with Muriel, in Italy and Selection, they are the couple indicated by his understanding, that which is necessary and needs so many trials.

In the case of Lautaro Martínez, he was present in all Inter Milan duels, starting 30 times. He contributed a total of 17 goals to the achievement of the scudetto for his team. The dynamic that the Argentine gives in attack can be a complication for the defenders that Rueda poses.

It will surely be a duel with many references on the field, from Messi, Mina, Paredes, Muriel and others. But, the Zapata vs Martinez duel will be one of those that draws attention, two scorers, with an Italian touch, but with a South American passport.

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