Colombia vs Argentina 2021: Demonstrators call protests on the outskirts of the Metropolitan | National teams

Next Tuesday, June 8, the Colombia selection you will receive your like from Argentina, by date 8 of the South American Qualifyingto. However, some protesters called a sit-in, three hours before the start of the match at the Metropolitano stadium, to raise a voice of protest at the holding of soccer matches in the midst of the crisis facing the country and that completed more than a month of protests.

This is not the first time in Barranquilla that this type of call is made through social networks, in order to protest outside the stadium while a soccer match is played inside. It already happened at Romelio Martínez, when Junior and América de Cali received River Plate and Mineiro for Copa Libertadores, respectively. That day, the soccer players were affected with tear gas that were thrown at the protesters.

This is a situation that is repeated in different Colombian cities. The duel between Deportivo Cali and Deportes Tolima, which was finally scheduled in Valledupar, could not be played in cities such as Villavicencio, Envigado or Medellín, after learning of protests programmed by the fans themselves, to prevent it from taking place. “If there is no peace, there is no football”, is the motto in the different cities.

The city of Valledupar was not immune to this boycott and this Friday, outside the Armando Maestre stadium, clashes were recorded between Esmad and the people who came to protest.

Will the realization of the Colombia vs Argentina duel be at risk, in the home of the National Team? Despite the threat of boycotting this international meeting, the organization maintains the programmed scenario. It should be remembered that this duel, between the tricolor and the albiceleste, will have a public presence.

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