Bogota Colombia

The government of Iván Duque rejected and described as “unfounded” this Sunday Venezuela’s complaint about the incursion of mercenaries from Colombia that they supposedly intended to attack leaders of Chavismo.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry dismissed the claims of what it called “Nicolás Maduro’s dictatorial regime” that seeks to involve Colombia in “alleged destabilization events.”

“This is an unfounded accusation, which attempts to commit the Government of Colombia in a speculative plot,” stressed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This Sunday the Venezuelan Interior Minister, Néstor Reverol, assured that the government forces thwarted a “maritime invasion” of “terrorist mercenaries from Colombia

The operation, which according to Chavismo left eight dead and two detained, was carried out off the coast of La Guaira state, near Caracas.

In the action, a speedboat, six trucks, ten rifles and two “machine guns (…) stolen from the Federal Legislative Palace in April 2019 were seized,” Reverol said.

Venezuelan opposition stands out from frustrated attack and presumes false positive.

However, the Duque government detracted from the credibility of the “destabilization events” denounced by Caracas, adding that they are “attempts to divert attention from the real problems that the people of Venezuela are experiencing, through the customary strategy of that illegitimate regime of seeking external debates and distractors “.

Since coming to power in August 2018, the Colombian president has encouraged a “democratic transition” in Venezuela, arguing that the Maduro government remains in power fraudulently and illegitimately.

Colombia, which shares an extensive and porous border of some 2,200 kilometers with its neighbor, thus supports the United States’ campaign to force the departure of Maduro, who has the backing of the Bolivarian armed forces and countries like Russia and China.