The senator for the political formation Colombia Humana Gustavo Petro has accused the attorney general, Francisco Barbosa, of wanting to defend his “close friend” the president, Iván Duque, accusing him of illegal financing, in the framework of the investigation of the alleged vote buying that took place in the 2018 elections in favor of the current Colombian head of state.

“A lot of mischief the prosecutor Barbosa who, seeking to defend his close friend Duque in the process that evidences money from drug traffickers buying him votes, tries to link me and my manager criminally for this conversation of ‘Neñe’,” Petro wrote in your Twitter account.

Petro refers to the investigation that is in progress on the alleged vote buying that took place in the north of the country in favor of the candidacy of President Iván Duque in the second electoral round that pitted the current president against him precisely, and that he It was commissioned to the rancher and alleged drug trafficker Guillermo ‘Ñeñe’ Hernández.

During the investigations into the murder of ‘Ñeñe’ Hernández in Brazil in May 2019, conversations were discovered between him and another person, supposedly María Claudia Daza, a former adviser to former President Álvaro Uribe in the Senate, in which they spoke of the ” need to put the batteries “to” look for money “to be able to” go under the table “and” drop it in the apartments “.

One of those departments would be that of La Guajira, on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, as ‘Ñeñe’ claimed in the audios when naming “Iván” and “Uribe” as responsible for having sent him to the cities of Manaure, Uribía, Riohacha and Maicao to “win” in that region.

Thus, Petro, the main victim of this alleged plot to rig the elections, becomes part of it, after the prosecutor Barbosa assured in an interview for the television channel RCN, that “within the report of the investigating prosecutor speaks of alleged financing of miners “to his campaign.

Barbosa’s words are based on part of the conversation between ‘Ñeñe’ and that other person whose identity is unknown, in which the alleged drug trafficker claims that Petro won in La Guajira because of the “sons of bitches” of the miners.

“Thousands of coal miners supported me because they believed in my proposal to build a decarbonised economy and to make a labor conversion of coal workers towards clean energy. You prosecutor, you cannot criminalize the support of the workers,” he replied. Petro on Twitter.

Appointed attorney general a little over three months ago, Barbosa’s appointment to lead this investigation was criticized by some organizations in the country, such as Transparencia por Colombia and Dejusticia, considering that he was not trained because he had personal and professional ties to the President Duque.

“I do not have any type of interference or relationship beyond what you know. I do not have any impediment,” defended Barbosa, who previously served as presidential adviser on Human Rights issues during the first two years of the Duque government.