Colombia.- Barakaldo (Vizcaya) condemns the murder in Colombia of Juana María Perea, businesswoman and Basque environmental leader

The City Council urges the Colombian authorities in a statement to investigate to clarify the facts


The Biscayan City Council of Barakaldo has approved this Tuesday, in the Mayor’s Information Commission, an institutional statement to condemn the murder in Colombia of Juana María Perea, businesswoman and environmental leader of Basque origin. The text has been approved with the favorable vote of all the parties present: PNV, PSE, Elkarrekin Barakaldo and EH Bildu.

The institutional statement recalls that Colombia “has been suffering a situation of sustained violence for decades, which has generated a context of systematic human rights violations.”

In addition, he adds that, “despite the Havana agreements between the Colombian government and the FARC guerrillas, the peace process has not yet been implemented and some agreements are constantly breached.”

Thus, it indicates that “part of the former FARC combatants have returned to arms, and since the beginning of the peace talks in 2012, around a thousand social leaders and human rights defenders have been assassinated by paramilitary bands and agents. armed “.

In this context of “systematic persecution of social leaders”, it should be noted that on October 29, Juana María Perea, “businesswoman and environmental leader of Basque origin”, granddaughter of Andrés Perea Gallaga, first delegate, was murdered in Nuquí, Department of Chocó. of the Basque Government in Colombia.

Faced with the “verification of the climate of violence and human rights violations” in Colombia, the Barakaldo City Council declares its “concern” about “the worsening of violence against human rights defenders in recent months.”

In addition, it expresses its condemnation for “the murder of Juana María Perea”, and urges the Colombian authorities to “carry out an exhaustive investigation that allows the total clarification of the facts”, as well as “the location, detention and prosecution of the guilty, both material and intellectual “.

The approved text reiterates the commitment of the manufacturing council “with the people of Colombia, with the defense of human rights and the peace process in that country,” and urges the Basque Government to “continue to maintain and strengthen cooperation with these goals. “

Finally, the Colombian institutions are asked to “reinforce the commitment to protect threatened activists and citizens, putting the necessary means to end the violence and impunity that accompanies it.”