An Afro-descendant leader from the department of Chocó, in western Colombia, was murdered on Tuesday night by alleged paramilitaries, according to the National Agrarian Coordinator.

« The paramilitaries murdered our dear comrade Patrocinio Bonilla, » the peasant organization has denounced, which has not specified the name of the armed group responsible for the crime.

According to Blu Radio, the events occurred when the victim was working with other colleagues in the Emparaidá ravine, in the Santa Rita community, cutting wood and the alleged paramilitaries arrived. They took 15 people, including Bonilla, and later released all of them except him, who was allegedly shot dead.

Bonilla, a member of the national board of the National Agrarian Coordinator, was a prominent activist in the region.

This assassination is part of the wave of violence that Colombia has suffered since the signing in 2016 of the peace agreement between the Government and the FARC due to the struggle between rival groups to control the former territories and businesses of the guerrillas. The main victims are former guerrillas, activists and social leaders.

« Organizations, leaderships and social processes continue to face the worst pandemic in history: annihilation and genocide. This is State terrorism, » the peasant association denounced.