Colo Colo players threatened with possible relegation

Latin Press

La Jornada newspaper
Wednesday, February 17, 2021, p. a11

Santiago de Chile. In the midst of growing expectation, Colo Colo, the emblematic Chilean soccer club, will play today the most important match in its long sporting history, as it will decide whether to remain in the First Division.

In a season to be forgotten, Colo Colo has suffered one defeat after another, in addition to organizational problems and of all kinds that led him to find himself, for the first time in his history, on the brink of relegation.

This Wednesday this will be decided in a match against Universidad de Concepción, in a match that also has extra-sports connotations, since the Colo Colo brave bars, characterized by their frequent violent actions, have threatened retaliation against the players of the Universidad de Concepción and also his own team. On a large poster they expressed the worrying message: Win or we will kill you.

Given this situation, the game will be held at the Fiscal stadium, in the neutral city of Talca, and although it is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. local time and without public, the authorities arranged a contingent of more than 500 policemen to ensure security before, during and after the meeting.

Three security cordons were also organized around the field and the municipality reinforced health controls to prevent the arrival of groups of fans due to the Covid-19 pandemic.