College football team will not participate in EA Sports game

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Following the release of NCAA Football 14 in July 2013, collegiate football fans who liked this proposition in video games had to wait years for its return. This year, Electronic Arts revealed that the franchise would be back in 2022, although it was expected that there would be some controversy or difficulties for it and the first reaction has taken place in the team of the University of Notre Dame.

According to information from, the Fighting Irish, team from the University of Notre Dame will not participate in the return of NCAA Football from EA Sports due to regulatory issues to attend to. In that sense, you should know that for many years, the collegiate sports programs in the United States, governed by the NCAA, prohibited players from receiving any type of payment or compensation, as well as gifts, for their sports performance. However, the scandals in this regard are known to many and in such a scenario, the NCAA had to give in recently and changed the rules so that players can have a representative and access sponsorships and commercial benefits.

Unfortunately, and as pointed out by those responsible for the sports programs of the University of Notre Dame, the changes in the regulations have not materialized and are not yet applicable to all collegiate players in the United States. Hence, the decision has been made that the Fighting Irish are not part of EA’s next NCAA game, specifically because there is still no possibility that their players will legally obtain an economic benefit from the use of their names and image in the video game.

Although the NCAA Football games are for a niche, they have fans in different parts of the world and in the case of Mexico the absence of the Fighting Irish could be demotivating, since the colors of the University of Notre Dame were inspiration for those of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and its sports teams.

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