College changes football for basketball and will get richer

Jalen Suggs during a game against Southern California at Lucas Oil Stadium, March 30, 2021, in Indianapolis. (AP / Darron Cummings)

Jalen Suggs, America’s rising basketball star, made headlines this weekend when a shot from nearly half the court allowed his Gonzaga team to reach the NCAA College League Men’s National Championship match against Baylor.

Gonzaga lost to Baylor on Monday in Suggs’ first college basketball loss. However, this did not at all detract from the prestige and expectations surrounding the 19-year-old.

Suggs, an All-American guard, is expected to be one of the top picks in the next NBA draft.

When he played high school in Minnesota, Suggs was Mr. Basketball and Mr. Football, an award for the best high school athlete in the state. Suggs, a quarterback or quarterback in soccer, received offers from major college football programs such as Ohio State, Minnesota, and Georgia.

“He was one of the best natural football players I’ve ever seen live,” University of Minnesota football coach PJ Fleck told Marketwatch. “He was truly a man among children. He could do whatever he wanted. It seemed so easy. I’ve never really seen that. “

However, by opting for basketball over football, Suggs really has a chance to make more money.

A good decision from an economic point of view

Bleacher Report’s Jonathan Wasserman latest mock NBA draft has Jalen Suggs as the third pick, which would earn him a $ 35.6 million rookie contract over four years. Suggs would then have a chance at a second contract if he performs well enough.

By comparison, Ohio State University quarterback Justin Fields, who led Buckeye’s offense last season and is expected to be selected No. 3 in the upcoming NFL draft, would make about $ 32.2 million from dollars, according to the Spotrac website.

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In short, Suggs rookie contract immediate earnings are still $ 3.4 million higher with the NBA.

Top-tier contracts in the NBA are higher than in the NFL: There are 23 players in the NBA making more than $ 30 million this year, compared to just nine players in the NFL.

Also, contracts in the NBA are generally fully guaranteed, while contracts in the NFL often include only some money in the form of a signing bonus. In some cases, NFL teams can fire a player without paying the remainder of his contract.

That factor, and the risk of fewer health problems – football players frequently suffer serious brain injuries – may have been a factor in Suggs’ decision.

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