Collapse in Miami: Marco Antonio Solís owns one of the apartments in the collapsed condominium

El Buki owned an apartment in the collapsed building in Miami.

Photo: John Parra / .

After the recent disaster in Miami, Florida, Marco Antonio Solis is causing a sensation in social networks and is that it has become known that one of the apartments in the collapsed condominium, where there were at least four dead and dozens missing, it was his.

According to the journalist from Univision Mabell Dieppa, the singer is owner of one of the houses built in 1981 facing the sea, in the Surfside neighborhood, north of Miami Beach, and this is giving something to talk about, because they say that he fought death by being absent from him.

“The famous Mexican singer-songwriter, Marco Antonio Solís has an apartment in the building that collapsed partially in #Miami, according to public documents from the Property Registry. #FirstImpact ”, Mabell reported through his Twitter account.

In his tweet he added images of the supposed sale contract that would guarantee the singer as owner of unit number 310, since both his name and signature, as well as those of his wife, Cristian Salas, stand out in the office.

‘El Buki’ has only expressed his regret to the families of those affected in the tragic event, without mentioning that he was part of the victims or is the owner of a property in the collapsed building.

“Let us raise a prayer for all families and individuals victims of the building collapse in #Miami. Let us trust that the rescue efforts continue and the situation improves ”, was what he published through his social networks without giving more details about the information that Dieppa handled.

Experts are trying to find the reason why this 12-story building partially collapsed, because although people who live nearby have put forward their theories, it is not known why the collapse of the construction that was made 40 years ago.

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