Colin Kaepernick will premiere a series on Netflix, as a strategy with which the platform exploits series based on biographies.

Netflix recently premiered dramatized biographical series like Luis Miguel or documentaries like the one inspired by Walter Mercado.

Netflix has increased its commitment to original content.

Morning Consult analyzed what is the opinion regarding Colin Kaepernick And he discovered that his personal brand has very polarized the opinion of people, at least in the United States.

Kaepernick led protests against the siege of the African-American community by the United States police, thus kneeling during the opening hymn of the games in which he would play.

The action controversialized the athlete, so Morning Consult estimates are very revealing when measuring the opinion that is held about him. 24 percent said they had a very favorable opinion of the football player, while 23 percent said they held a very negative opinion of him. It highlights 9 percent of those who said they had never heard of it.

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The Kaepernick effect

A series on Colin Kaepernick is Netflix’s latest strategy to continue increasing its production of original content inspired by biographies, which have become a very popular option for the platform.

Kaepernick is a football player who protested by kneeling down during the pre-game anthem in which he would play, as a measure of protest against the siege and brutality of the United States police against the African-American community.

The player has since become a key figure in the fight against racism in the United States and this has earned brands such as Nike popularity and sales gains, thanks to campaigns that recognized his efforts to protest against what is wrong, despite all the consequences it has brought him, such as being suspended from the NFL.

His protest became relevant again after the murder of the African American George Floyd at the hands of a police officer and now Netflix will make a documentary series about the suspended NFL player.

Within the six-episode documentary series, Kaepernick will tell about his life in high school and what it was like to be a son adopted by a white family, as well as all the details in his social protest against the police siege of the African American community.

This series is directed by Ava DuVernay and in Kaepernick’s words “very often, we see racial and black community stories through a white vision. We seek to give a new perspective to the different realities that black people face (…) we explore the racial conflicts that I faced as a black man adopted into a white community, during my years of high school. It is an honor to bring these stories to life in collaboration with Ava so that the world can see them. ”

Netflix’s new proposal

The generation of original content has become a must for streaming platforms, at a time when innovation starts from elements that must warn us of the value that brands have found in being able to be innovative through the offer with the one that they tell and that in this case they reveal the power that there is in developing stories as a commercial option.

An element that we cannot lose sight of is the one that warns us of how important it has become for communication to have aspects through which new work guidelines are defined.

Among these work guidelines, one aspect that stands out is the one that reveals how important interaction with audiences is, at a time when increasingly valuable work benchmarks are established based on this innovation.