Colima presumes that its companies sell through Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre has been one of the most important platforms in electronic commerce and has patented how relevant it has become to develop important tasks.

It is in this innovation in weight that increasingly interested and thoughtful references have been established in activities such as entrepreneurship.

There is a key capacity in the market and it is the one that has to do with the way in which brands are betting on operating activities of weight in the market.

Electronic commerce is one of the most dynamic and far-reaching industries in the market and this is due to the capacity it has in the hands of brands such as Mercado Libre and that has earned it the power to establish itself as a benchmark in activities such as entrepreneurship.

There is more and more a commercial pattern that allows us to understand the value of communication, especially through a medium that continues to be the main reference that brands have today.

Faced with this situation, an aspect that we cannot lose sight of is the one that warns us of how important it is today to understand the value of proper talent management.

An estimate from Statista recognizes that the expected income for this 2021 will be 21 thousand 209 million dollars and it is expected that more than 57 million 500 thousand users will carry out operations in this segment.

Given these figures, something that we cannot ignore is how important electronic commerce is becoming more and more and how it defines tasks, through which we see surprising situations.

The best example of this we have seen with statements from a secretary of the Colima government, which have become the strangest publicity that Mercado Libre has received.

The Ministry of Economic Development had the idea of ​​declaring that 60 businessmen from the state of Colima are already making sales through Mercado Libre, a platform that has become a key commercial medium.

Walter Oldenbour, who is head of the secretariat, assured that the companies that sell in Mercado Libre do so as part of an agreement that was carried out between the state government and this electronic commerce site.

The official has warned that there are already 60 companies that have registered in Mercado Libre, that he was sure that they were already present on the platform, but that he did not know how these companies were doing.

Companies Projecting Across States

This is not the first time that a company has attracted attention for achieving projection due to its operations in a state of the republic.

News that became a trend within social networks was registered in 2017 when we learned that Tlaxcala had its first escalator thanks to the opening of a Liverpool store in that entity.

The event became an important trend and a reference that continues to show us that today more and more bets are being played based on the work that brands have to do to stand out in the market, one where electronic commerce plays a definitive role in the conception of commercial activities, which are undoubtedly energizing consumption.

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