Cole Sprouse and his brother Dylan very close during a party. MCE TV gives you more details.

Last Thursday the Sprouse brothers had a night out with the guys. Indeed Cole Sprouse and Dylan were seen at night in the streets of Los Angeles.

It seems that the two brothers were having dinner in a restaurant. When leaving the place, the two twins hugged each other.

Before leaving each on his own. A complicity that has not escaped to the prying eye of the paparazzi.

The two brothers seemed in any case very accomplices. Which is always a pleasure to see.

Besides, the fans are also happy to see that Cole Sprouse is coming out again. The latter had also left Instagram just to take a break.

Cole Sprouse and Dylan Out in LA

Cole Sprouse and his brother are therefore offered a small restaurant in the city of Los Angeles. For the occasion the two brothers opted for dark outfits.

Dylan wore a sleeveless t-shirt. On the photo we see that he has not forgotten to take a mask with him to respect the barrier gestures.

Cole Sprouse has opted for a slightly more trendy look. The young man wears a black shirt, a hat and a bandana around the neck.

The young man also wears black polish on the nails. He also chose not to shave.

Even though this look earned him the mockery of his fans during confinement. Cole Sprouse seems to like his new style, however.

Thus, this week the 27-year-old man found his Instagram account after a month of absence. “I needed a break, for my sanity. »Explains the young actor on his post which marks his return to the social network.

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