Coldplay releases single! – Music News

The legendary band “Coldplay” never stops giving us more and more surprises, we love to present you today their new single titled, “Coloratura”, all the details about their new material here on Music News!

The reality is that we know very well what song Coldplay releases, it is a fact that it will be a success, we have seen it in its reproductions, in its awards, its material, its albums, and of course in the reputation and love so faithful that has the band by its audience, and of course this new single is no exception.

Coldplay released their new single on July 24 and to this day it has great surprises !, since it has more than a million reproductions on the YouTube platform! They really never cease to amaze us, you will love the video clip, we leave you the link to the new Coldplay material here,

The band decided to reflect on their new single, “About Coldplay, since they were formed at the University in England, Coldplay has become one of the most popular productions, having sold more than 100 million copies. of their different albums. We hope this song is to your liking. “

Of course all the fans did not take long to show their love and support for this song, “Friends when you hear this song just close your eyes, I swear this song takes you into space.”

“I’m already grown up, but I can’t stop saying that I love that this group makes such incredible music, I doubt that opinion is different from other generations.”

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