Colby Covington on TJ Dillashaw: “It doesn’t matter who his opponent is, I don’t see him winning.”

Colby Covington – UFC

The UFC welterweight contender, Colby Covington explained why TJ Dillashaw will lose to Cory Sandhagen at the UFC Vegas 32 event this Saturday.

Dillashaw returns from a 30-month ‘hiatus’ this weekend when he takes on his former sparring partner Sandhagen in a potential bout of No. 1 contender at 135 pounds. Remember that Dillashaw never lost his belt in a fightInstead, he gave it up when he tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.


Dillashaw has been open about why he used PEDs before his fight with Henry Cejudo, but Covington can’t stand anyone who cheats in MMA. Speaking to James Lynch, Covington explained his reasoning for why Dillashaw will lose to Sandhagen on Saturday, arguing that he is mentally weak and that the track record of MMA fighters returning from long breaks due to PED use is not the strongest. In regards to Covington, there’s no one at bantamweight that Dillashaw can beat right now.

“Usually the general history when you come back from a steroid suspension is not going well for you. No matter who they put against him, I just don’t see him being the same guy he was in the pastCovington said. “Mentally, when you take steroids and you have that edge and that margin that you get from the lab, and then when you don’t, there is a mental thing that changes. He’s probably doubting himself. I mean that’s why he’s already delayed the fight (from May to July). You probably have a lot of doubts. It doesn’t matter who they put him to fight against, just I don’t see him coming back successfully and winning after coming back from a steroid suspension«.


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